3 Useful Apps in Today’s World

3 Useful Apps in Today’s World

With so many apps to choose from, it might be helpful, useful even, to consider those which have the most use in today’s world. That is not necessarily because they help us in business but because they make our social lives more exciting and fulfilling. That being said according to other blogs like https://www.rmhbangor.org/ they have highlighted how using apps can be very beneficial in having a more successful business, showing how there are many uses to mobile phone apps. After all, entertainment can be cheap and just an app away.


As one of the most downloaded apps of 2020, TikTok is something to talk about. Previously known as musical.ly, TikTok is a social medium platform that allows its users to create, share, and discover the music videos of others. This platform can come in handy especially to influencers to promote their products and services. Most of them tend to look for the best site to buy Instagram followers and Tik Tok followers, so that they can increase their fan-following and create an image of authenticity to their potential followers. Most of the content in Tik Tok are short videos that resemble the karaoke craze of the past. It is all about people displaying their musical talent of singing, dancing, or both. Even comedy is included for further amusement. So, there is plenty to make us laugh and, as a result, enhance our day. A craze that has made a resurgence on TikTok is lip-syncing, which is pretending to sing by moving your lips to music. Rather like in a church when you forget the words to the hymns and do not want the vicar to know. All good fun. To the list of activities that people share in trying to entertain others, including their friends, we could add air guitar. For this, you do not need to know how to play it, just be able to look like you can.


With the Zoom app, you can create or schedule meetings. These can be business-related, educational, or simply catch-up with friends. It is the new Skype. By setting up an account, you can change personal settings and update your profile as much as you like. It is useful to be able to see as well as hear someone. That is, you can hear someone unless they are “on mute”, as the expression goes. With Zoom, you can hold engaging webinars, collaborations, and chat. It is like sitting in on an actual meeting. You can see everyone’s body language and expressions as they chat with you. It cuts down on travel costs and saves on time. For a business, time is money.


No app list would be complete without mentioning Facebook, one of the earliest apps, and one we expect to already be showing on our new mobile phone when we purchase it. An interesting statistic from a few years ago was that 79 percent of Facebook users would access the social media platform from their mobile phones. This must surely be higher now. Facebook allows its subscribers to interact with one another, allowing them to post comments and videos after linking up. No doubt, why more and more marketers and pr agencies similar to polkadotcommunications.com.au tend to use this app and its likes to promote different brands. When people comment on a particular post, it tends to increase its reach to a wider audience, in turn increasing the brand visibility.

The app makes use of the emoticon to like, love, laugh, or wow, other people’s posts. So far, Facebook has resisted the urge to include an emoticon that suggests you do not like someone’s post. This leaves doubt as to whether you have deliberately not liked it, or simply not seen it among all the other feed that there is to read. The more groups you sign up to, the more of it there will be to read through to keep yourself up to date with what your friends and family are doing. It can be like an online diary, with some even writing about what they had for breakfast or how hard their sprouts were. It is a place you can air your news, views, funny moments, and woes of the day. As a cautionary note, do not take to heart too much what people are saying. Each view is only one person’s view and there is a whole world out there. Be yourself and do not give unpleasant comments any time of day or night. Enjoy, though, the numerous wonderful comments of praise and those that make you smile.

So, some key apps to think about here, that it would now be difficult to be without.

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