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A mystery surrounding the space around our cosmic region is unfolding thanks to evidence of supernovae found in deep-sea sediments. According to a scientific study which shows the Earth has been travelling for the 33,000 years through a cloud of faintly radioactive dust. The study suggests that these clouds could be remnants of previous supernova explosions, a powerful and super bright explosion of a start. Researchers searched through several deep-sea sediments from two different locations that date back to 33,000 years using an extremely sensitive instrument called a spectrometer. They found clear traces of the isotope iron-60, which is formed when starts die in supernova explosions. Iron-60 is radioactive and completely decays away within 15 million years, which means any iron-60 found on Earth must have been formed much later than the rest of the 4.6 billion year old earth and appeared here from nearby supernovae before settling on the…

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