Why Are Mobile Phones Better Learning Tools Than Computers?

Why Are Mobile Phones Better Learning Tools Than Computers?

New approaches in teaching are being developed nowadays. People need to adapt to the drastic changes in their environment. Changes include the development of virtual socialization, conferences, and now online classes with people using websites like https://learnacourseonline.com/pluralsight-review/ as a resource. With the upgraded specifications of our mobile phones, can they replace computers as an online learning tool? To better understand the mobile phone’s worth, here are some lists of its benefits.


It is never to question if more people prefer mobile phones for online learning. It was deliberately designed to be handy. Anyone can attend their online class in any place as long as they have an internet connection. Plus, mobile phones are always available in emergencies so that we can communicate through call or text.

The significant advantage of phones over computers is the space. Not all of us have working space for studying. With a bulky computer set, it can be inconvenient for those with small houses.

Built-in batteries

We know that mobile phones have built-in batteries, unlike computers that need direct electricity. Power interruptions always affect students in some rural areas. Without electricity, students cannot attend class. And attendance is essential, as it affects a student’s grades.

Can stand alone

Also, computers usually connect with an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. Some internet providers have system enhancements that can affect the quality of the video during the live class. Using mobile phones can prevent such scenarios. The reason is that mobile phones can be stand-alone. They can connect to the internet using their sim cards. Telecommunication companies have expanded their cell sites, offering their clients internet connection even to rural areas.

Helpful applications

Previously, our mobile phones were just equipped with calculator applications. However, with new helping tool applications that we can download in app stores or google apps, students complete their worksheets faster. The applications are always free to download. Which also saves money in their parent’s pockets.

Owned by many

With a ratio of 1 out of 10, according to surveys, many more people own phones than computers. Smartphones are always in our hands. Thus, since our students’ most available devices are mobile phones, some prefer online learning. Also, not all of us can afford a computer at home. The prices of these devices are considerably more. And most of those living in third-world countries can at least afford a cheap phone compared to a single computer.

Basic skills

It may be funny to know but accept the fact that not all of us are computer literate. To use computers for online learning, we need at least basic skills. Unlike smartphones that do not require accessories, like a mouse is easier to handle than computers. In minutes, anyone can understand how to use smartphones. It takes a couple of hours for us to know the basic skills with computers.

Recording classroom notes

Although computers now have cameras as part of their accessories, phones can still work better as a learning tool. For some of us who do not want to take notes, we often use mobile phones to take pictures. Photocopied handouts and worksheets can now be converted to documents using a mobile phone application. Imagine if we are using computers to take down notes and we need to type all the information in worksheets. That would cause too much time and effort on our part.

Mobile book

Though eBooks can work with computers, mobile phones can work 24/7, so reading a book can take place anywhere and at any time. Computers can never compare to the convenience offered by mobile phones during reviews. Plus, there are reviewer applications that only work with phones and not on computers.

It offers a variety of learning styles

Students have different learning styles and attention spans. Learning styles may be visual, auditory, or kinetic. Mobile phones allow every student to take part in the learning style they are suitable for. The graphics and good resolution images and presentations seen on phones can increase their interest.

During classroom lectures, students with auditory learning styles can record audio and videos on their phones. This could not happen with computers. Kinetic learning style is for those students who want to exercise what they learn. The forms are writing or expression through dance or enactments. However, the kinetic learning style will not work so effectively with computers.


Mobile phones are vital in one’s life as of today. It works in different ways and at different ages. I hope that reading this text will enlighten students as to the benefits of using mobile phones as learning tools and not as a social-emotional outlet.

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