Method Ik Zentrum is a collaborative effort between Elliot Jern and Terice Saliere. Our goal is to make a space where we can freely discuss interesting technological and scientific advancements, discoveries and history, all whilst enjoying a laid-back attitude towards our content creation.

The site’s name is, in part, German. It means “I know the center”. Or, the “Ik Zentrum” part, in any case. Our intent with choosing the name we have is to show a center ground in the discussions online, to simply present facts as they are and to try and refrain from stating “truths”. Another German phrase, often cited in the journalism world (albeit incorrectly) is “Sitz Em Lieben.” It has come to mean “There is truth and fact”, showing the difference between editorial and factual content, and how everyone shapes their own truth.

We aim to simply stick to the facts.

As for the writers, both of us are currently full-time students. Elliot is in the field of Engineering, whilst Terice is a Journalism Major. We met through various courses and interviews for other matters, and have found our minds can work collaboratively to help create something bigger than our individual selves.

Or, so is the hope. Time will tell. In the meantime, or in that meantime, we hope you’ll check back often to see what scientific and technological intrigues we’ll be writing about next.